Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mill ends roving for spinning

I am so excited I can't contain myself!! I've ordered some big one pound bags of roving from Brown Sheep . As soon as it arrives I'll add some photos of what I get. I ordered 3 bags of dyed, and one bag of undyed shades of brown which may or may not include some taupe and light colors that I might dye one day.

If you have not heard of this business, Carol Lee gets leftovers that yarn mills consider unusable both yarn and roving for hand spinners. So I feel good that I'm recycling something otherwise unusable. With the colored roving I can blend with other colors with my new handcarders to make new colors.

I am also a fanatic about frogging sweaters I buy from thrift shops. Frogging is deconstructing or pulling out the yarn in the sweater, hopefully with all the long yarn intact without cutting into any. You pull out the sewed seams and then pull out the knitted yarn. Somehow it is just really relaxing for me.

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